Since the government change, the social partners have been unable to agree on next year's salary.

The social partners could not agree on the minimum wage and the guaranteed minimum wage of next year, the government can decide next Wednesday on wage increases, summed up during the meeting of representatives of employers and employees on the Standing Consultation Forum (VKF) of the ruling party and the government.

At the moment the minimum wage is gross of 138 thousand forints and the minimum wage is 180 500 forints. Zoltán Szőke, chairman of ÁFEOSZ-Coop, recalled that employers propose an increase of both 5% for both wages at the beginning of the wage negotiations, but this was not accepted by the trade unions. This week, on Tuesday, the VKF negotiated employer and employee interests without representatives of the government. The government side left the meeting at the request of the social partners, he added.

the Hungarian times according to the information provided by the employers 'organizations during the closed meeting, an increase of eight to eight percent was proposed by the employers' organizations, whereby their previous bid was changed, for two years, ie January 1, 2019 and January 1, 2020, to 8-8 percent. minimum wage and guaranteed to increase the minimum wage.

Zoltán Szőke confirmed to MTI that the trade unions did not accept any new offer from employers either.

The chairman of the organization called the situation extremely unfortunate and mentioned that Hungary had not been involved since the change of regime, so that the social partners could not agree on the wages of next year. It is now a stalemate, so it is considered that the chance is real that the government will decide on the issue next week. Zoltán Szőke stressed, however, that the employer does not block further negotiations.

László Kordás, chairman of the Hungarian Trade Union Confederation (MASZSZ), told MTI that they could only accept double-digit wage increases, so they proposed a minimum wage of 13 and a guaranteed minimum wage of 15 per cent next year. According to the trade union leader, representatives from the employers' side argued that their bid could not reach the two-digit range. Laszlo Kordás, however, believed that the current state of the Hungarian economy would receive the wage increase they had proposed. The leader of the union leader complained that the governments during the negotiations & # 39; edgy & # 39; were not able to agree, the government did not help to resolve the situation.

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