Finally, there is the unexpectedly anticipated Toyota Supra

This month, in January 2019, the latest generation of Toyota Supra will be unveiled, which they had to wait a long time for fans. Toyota knows exactly how important this model is, so it does not break the crowds. On many occasions we have seen the disguised prototypes and crowds at sea, sound and data crumbs, but this is no longer enough for the public. Now there are a few photo ?? s leaked, which not only shows its nose, but actually also the A90 shows, a Japanese sports car that has been developed together with the BMW Z4.

Built with Bavarian foundations, Toyota has built a traditional cup, but the engine has the same 3-liter turbo as the top model of the Z4. Nevertheless, they promise a completely different character car. According to preliminary information, it will be 335 hp and 450 Nm of torque, coupled to an 8-speed automatic. They also revealed that it would be a four-cylinder version for those who would otherwise throw the bike to pack the good old 2JZ.

If it is still not enough, here is another crumb, but now in the form of a factory video:

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