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Free Guacamelee at the Humble Store!



The bankruptcy action-skill-platformer game became temporarily free as part of the spring sale.

2019/05/16. 22:17 | from GeryG | Category: Game

We love free games, that's why we're happy to have one Ubisoft temporarily stopped the STEEP price tag on the PC in the Uplay store. But this is not the only game that is worth getting if we have not already done so.

In the Humble Store, the big spring sale or the big sale of spring in the days … whatever happens. And within that we can get it almost three days for free Guacamelee! is a great action game with a side view.

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A fun indie platform game for PlayStation consoles.
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the Drinkbox Studios In his 2013 game, we were able to crawl into Juan & # 39; s skin, whose love was kidnapped by an evil skeleton and killed him. In the hereafter, however, you get a magic pancake mask that makes it an invincible warrior and brings you back from death to take revenge and save your love.

To get Guacamelee, all we have to do is subscribe to the Humble Store newsletter. ■

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