Here is the camera-less iPhone 12 Pro

Luxury company Caviar has come up with a camera-less iPhone 12 Pro mobile that could be ideal for sensitive locations.

Once upon a time, mobile manufacturers even made camera-less phones – why? Corporate and government employees often work in sensitive locations where the use of cameras is prohibited. And since espionage is a growing problem in many places, and today all devices are connected to the internet and using a camera, this is an even bigger problem.

Source: caviar

The Russian luxury company Caviar has a solution: the iPhone 12 Pro Stealth. This is a special model where the triple rear camera has been removed and the front sensor has been disabled.

The design also reflects the mindset. There are two versions, both with a titanium back, but there is also a gold PVD coating. Only 99 of both versions will be made so as usual they will be very rare cell phones. And of course they are expensive too: $ 4,990 and $ 5,520 for the goods. However, this is very low, the Caviar, for example, charges $ 23,380 for the 18-karat gold decorated model.

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