The actor wrote about a lying propaganda machine in Orban.

Viktor Orbán and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro were recently cited as examples by George Clooney in an interview with GQ when he spoke of anger and hatred around the world for his new film, The Midnight Sky, which is set in the future.

The Hollywood star’s words were addressed by the near-government press, covered by the public media, and the Government Information Center released a report about them. The point of all the statements was that Clooney attacked the prime minister for doing well with George Soros and his family, and in fact they said the star was “being kept under the influence of the Soros.”

Clooney responded in a statement on Monday to the government’s statements, as well as how he viewed Hungary. According to the Hungarian translation of the text, which also reached Telex, the actor began by saying that he did not expect his response to come from most Hungarian news sites, “because they are owned and operated by the Orban regime or their closest allies. “

He described meeting György Soros and his son Alex only once, the first at a UN meeting on the refugee crisis and the last at an event in Davos.

This is where my communication with György Soros comes into play. So Orbán’s propaganda machine is lying, right. “

Clooney then wrote that the Soros family is doing the world tremendously good by funding education and legal aid for the poor and asylum seekers. And he also said Orban also studied in Britain with Soros’ money.

As for my previous comments, I would be ashamed not to speak out publicly against this kind of authoritarianism, where the Orbán regime controls the media, puts companies under draconian tax rules, silences the free press, and only with their consent can photographed the wire fence, demonizing the disenfranchised and winking to the far right. “

The actor recalled visiting Hungary for the first time in the early 1980s and then in the early 2000s. “At the time, Hungary seemed to be a shining example of the democratic success achieved after the fall of the Soviet Union . I look forward to the day when Hungary will find what it once was again, ”he added.

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