The French president has also received the illiberal signal from his critics, but rejects it.

French President Emmanuel Macron has been accused by critics of “illiberalism” over a controversial law protecting police officers and the way anti-Islamism is dealt with. The chairman of the Brut The news site asked about this in its response – like Reuters quotes Macron also cited Hungary as an example.

We are not Hungary, Turkey or anything like that. I cannot say that we are curtailing freedoms in the country

Said the president.

A law designed to protect the police would prohibit police officers from being registered in such a way that they can be identified. Controversial raids have taken place in mosques, among others, in search of Islamic religious extremists and terrorists.

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Nearly 100 police officers were injured in weekend protests in France

A Syrian journalist was also injured during a demonstration in Paris.

More than a hundred thousand protested in seventy cities in France, in heavy clashes


More than 100,000 protested Saturday in 70 French cities against the controversial amendment to the National Security Act. In Paris, attempts were made to disrupt the parade by anarchist rioters, several of whom collided with police, at least 23 of whom were injured.