How does the same dress paint on a woman in XL and XS size? Photos are presented by girlfriends – Beauty and fashion

Unfortunately, there is still a misconception that really chic clothes only work well with slimmer ladies, even if that is not true at all.

Russian stylist Marina Kamenskaya knows that fashion is not a matter of weight or size, and trendy pieces don’t just paint super thin women.

That’s the same dress for an XL and an XS woman

The lady, wearing size XL, teamed up with her two XS girlfriends to show it off in spectacular photos and videos: the fact that their shapes are different, they can be just as beautiful and attractive, even in completely identical sets . The ladies pose side by side to draw attention to this, and with their photos they quickly gained recognition from netizens. They point out that fashion is also completely independent of size, build and weight.

Images: Instagram /, Instagram / style_gallery_161.

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