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If you're too popular: Shroud has sent his viewers to the channel

Not everyone longs for a huge audience.

The Canadian ex-pro CS: GO continues to enjoy greatly at Twitch. It's no wonder that you can always surprise your viewers with some exciting new content, most recently with the PUBG army, and now, with the Apex Legends stream, he has noticed how many people are watching him. In this case the streamers usually have a dance of joy, because it is not a small achievement to reach so many viewers, but the veil was completely different:

"125 thousand spectators? Listen to chat … I will be compact. & # 39;

Then he took this step to the Twitch Apex Legends site and started to enter the channels of his famous and favorite streamers, indicating he was not interested in seeing him. Lijkwade introduced the following streamers to the public:

  • CouRageJD
  • Cloaksy
  • TSM_Viss
  • AnneMunition
  • Mang0

NICKMERCS was just streaming Fortnite, so she told her shroud: "He is streaming Fortnite, Fuck!"

"Look at these streamers! Spread! Go! Or stay, do what you want!"

Then suddenly they were less than 15,000 spectators.

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