Ildikó Pécsi died

He died on December 5 at his home in Gödöllő Ildikó Pécsi The actress who won the Kossuth and Jászai Prize, an honorary citizen of the city of Gödöllő, was published on the city’s Facebook page of Gödöllő. As it is written: Ildikó Pécsi is considered dead by the municipality of Gödöllő.

The actress was 80 years old.

The post reminds me that Ildikó Pécsi graduated from the College of Performing Arts in 1962. Over the years he was a member of the Pécs National Theater (1962-66), the Comedy Theater (1966-70), the Microscope Stage (1970-73), the Katona József Theater in Kecskemét (1973-76), the Radnóti Theater (1976-85)), the Volkstheater (1985-1990) and, after 1990, the József Attila Theater Company. He was also a Member of Parliament between 1994 and 1998.

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