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Index – Economy – Katalin Novák: Steps for family protection begin on 1 July

After Viktor Orbán presented the new seven-point action plan for family protection of his government in Sunday's most important evaluation speech, Katalin Novák, state secretary for family and youth affairs on Monday morning press conference held on the subject. The prime minister's announcement on Sunday left a lot of open questions about what the new action plan entails and how some of his points will work.

Katalin Novák said about the points:

10 million free loans can be withdrawn by women between the ages of 18 and 40, the reimbursement of which is suspended three years after the birth of the first baby. After the arrival of the second child, not only will the suspension be suspended and the 30% of the debt will be canceled, and the third child will be deprived of the entire principal sum.

The program starts on 1 July 2019 and is open for three years.

If the maximum loan of 10 million forint is taken out by young people, the monthly repayment will not exceed 50 thousand forints per month.

He said about the expansion of chocolate, that the subsidized loan was extended to the purchase of used housing. This also applies to 1 July, with a loan of $ 15 million for 10 children, three or more children. It is also new that the threshold of 35 million has been abolished, which means that you can also get a loan for a more expensive house.

It is expected that the benefit of mothers of four or more mothers will start next year, that is to say, those who have raised at least four children do not have to pay income tax until the end of their lives. The state secretary said that there is no such thing anywhere in the world, but the government hopes that others will take over the Hungarian example.

The childcare system of the grandparent is designed to help parents return to work when the grandparent is actively involved in caring for the child. It is important that the grandparents can not collect the gyed extras.

The government sees an increasing need for day nurseries and that is why the government has decided to complete all childcare by 2022. The government is of the opinion that 70,000 childcare places would be needed for every parent who wants to bring his child to wisdom, for which a deficit of about 20,000 is spoken by Viktor Orbán.

The large family purchase program is being introduced by the government because they see that there are people who do not take a fourth child because they simply do not have access to the four children in the car. This program is also expected to start on 1 July.

Novak he said that budget funds for these programs were available, so nobody needs to worry. How much the government will cost also depends on how many people use the opportunities, but the government is currently counting

In 2020 this will cost $ 150 billion for the budget.

The state secretary has asked the questions that the sja-free would apply to anyone who already has four children. He also said that the 10 million free-use loans could be used by married women, and even by those who already have a child, but that the next child born after 1 July 2019 will be subject to suspension of reimbursement. The maximum amount you can pick up is 10 million forints. For a maximum amount, the term is about 20 years.

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