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Michael van Gerwen won the Darts World Championship, and in the final Michael Smtth, who achieved the best result in his career, was really smooth. The victory was half a million pounds for the winner. There was no ninety in this vB, and the Dutch pitcher became the third world champion in 2014 and 2017. He deserved it completely.

It would be difficult to say that the most spectacular match in the Darts World Cup was the final. Michael van Gerwen was an absolute chance and started the game. It was a little depressing that the audience looked almost silently at the game. The New Year's Eve party, and perhaps the mighty Dutch supremacy, silenced the fans, who ended up at Smith after a good series, but when they felt that things could run very smoothly, they remained very quiet.

What we knew before is Gerwen who sprays the crowd. Smith was able to do this, but the difference was given by the outsiders. In the first set, the average of both was more than 100, but 33 percent was Smith's exit. In the second it was only 14.29 and it was a huge difference.

Van Gerwent can only be overcome by a superhuman execution. Smith said in vain, he could not grow up for the job. She lost the third set very smoothly. At that time, it was only 84.10 averages, and it was only one exit, although it was thrown. The Dutch world leader simply could not make a mistake. We were just over three sets, but it was already more than two hundred (126 and 129) outputs.

In the fourth set Smith lived on, but he was much more focused on Gerwen. The English ran to 2-1 in vain, Gerwen threw the third red bull out. No moment could be released while Smith took a stump. One after another, the fourth set was drawn by the Dutch. Not for the audience of Ally Pally.

In the fifth set there was a chance for Smith to fix it again. Van Gerwen started with 11 Arrow Crosses, followed by 13 with 2-1. Then, after 2-2, Smith's first came over 100 arrivals, 124 of them were triple 20, stricker 14, and at the end of the double 11. Smith was a bit off, but the difference was so great that Van Gerwen could come to rest again. .

Then Smith and the audience woke up. Two sets of English won, but two beautiful sets. An 11 arrows first started in the Netherlands and after 2-2 arrived 124. The next is a 124 and then a 127-set-up, smooth.

The seventh set was again in Dutch, very smoothly, after two 13 arrows, a 112 exhaust. In the eighth set, the public did everything to win Smith. After 2-2 they whistled in vain, they could not stop the Dutchman, although he did not throw it that well, but he could still get out after Smith broke the 170 with a green bull.

In the last set, Smith won one of the best, but Van Gerwen was so concentrated and so careful that he made as few mistakes as possible. Even though Smith brought himself back with an incredible brother and he got a chance from the Netherlands.

6-3, they ran to the last set. As a man, Alexandra Palace's audiences in vain, Michael Smith was overwhelmed by the English. He spoiled outers, sectors. But at least the end was exciting. At the end there were three certain arrows for the title of the World Championship and for the second D16. Smith could also get the fair play because he called on the public not to blow the Dutchman to the exit, who had won the 17 games in a row at the World Cup, with an average of more than 100. It was not the greatest game of all time, but it was great to see. Named after the famous commentary, the trophy, Sid Waddell Trophy, was held in Dutch possession for the third time. He deserved it.

Michael Smith had liked it, but he could not fulfill the task. A year ago Rob Cross defeated the legend, Phil Taylor, 7-2. Michael van Gerwen has become world champion for the third time in his career. In 2017, Gary Anderson won 7-3. We saw a good race last year in 2015 and the final, the 13th set, decided against Taylor for Anderson. The Dutch world leader will stay here for a long time at the beginning of the world ranking.

PDC Darts World Championship, Final

  • Michael van Gerwen (Dutch) -Michael Smith (English) 7-3 (3-2, 3-1, 3-1, 3-2, 2-3, 0-3, 3-1, 3-2, 2- 3, 3-2)

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