Iron Harvest – the Russian Revolution is approaching

The Iron Harvest campaign will be expanded soon. Inspired by the painter Jakub Różalski, there has never been a great Russian revolution, but the Russians will also soon catch up with the uprising led by the mysterious Rasputin.

Building on the foundations of the Company of Heroes, Iron Harvest takes us to an alternate reality where humans fight the local equivalent of WWII with giant mechs and machines. While in the campaign we get a good impression of the battles between Polania, the Saxons and the Russians, the new story expansion leads to the latter’s homeland, where the Rusputian revolution is about to break out under the leadership of Rasputin.

We can follow the paths of campaign expansion alone and cooperatively. Kickstarter sponsors and buyers of deluxe editions will receive it for free, it will cost everyone else $ 4 starting December 17.

This isn’t the only novelty coming to Iron Harvest: we also have a new game mode called Drop Zone, in which we must collect victory points by grabbing packs that fall from the sky for other players.

If the King Art RTS hasn’t convinced you yet, you have the chance to try it out as a demo on Steam, Epic, and GOG until December 1: you can try out more single player missions and skirmish tracks.

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