It was not Schumacher but Ferrari who borrowed Resta to cut costs

Even Mick Schumacher’s contract could be behind the departure of Ferrari’s chief specialist, but the real reason is not this, but the cost cap going forward.

The Formula 1 public was taken by surprise by a new reorganization of Ferrari, with Simone Resta, head of the body shop, moving his headquarters from the Scuderia to the Haas stable. The 50-year-old has worked for Ferrari for the past 20 years, except for a short alpha-Roman detour, and will still be under contract with the Maranello Guard, suggesting his change was most necessary due to the cost cap following year.

Simone Resta also worked for Alfa Romeo for a short timeSource: DPPI / Florent Gooden

Previously there were rumors that Mattia Binotto, the team principal of Ferrari and Resta, would not come out very well, but a much more likely explanation for the expert Haas is that the amount that teams can spend in a year will be capped from 2021. By 2022 it will have dropped to 140 million and by 2023 to 135 million. Exceptions to this are the salaries of the competitors and the three highest paid team members.

All of this means that the top teams have to practically cut their annual budget in half, which is not an easy task to say the least.

One step could be to lead Simone Resta to Haas, who has been closely associated with Ferrari since boarding in 2016 and who, according to the BBC, will continue to have a contract with Ferrari, as will borrowers from football teams, but will be paid by the U.S. stable.

And the plan is that more employees will follow Resta to Haas. The Maranellos see this move as an extension of their technical partnership with the US team.

He’s not because of Schumacher

Following Resta’s transfer, many people have been questioning whether Mick Schumacher, who will be at Haas in F1 next year, could also have anything to do with the move, as the specialist’s arrival may also contribute to his good performance as a Ferrari junior and a person of great importance to Scuderia.

Ferrari is important to Mick Schumacher, but it was not because of him that Resta was given to HaasSource: AFP / Andrej Isakovic

Günther Steiner said during the press conference of team boss Sahir Grand Prix that this was not the reason. “He has no direct relationship with his contract with Mick. We are clearly working very closely with Ferrari, so when we talked about strengthening our technical team after a bit of a decline due to the epidemic he was a very good choice, but it has nothing to do with Mick driving with us ” Said the team leader. Steiner also said Resta’s position has not yet been determined, but he will “clearly be in a higher position” and “it will certainly be a big boost to recover and get to the performance level of 2018 as, as I said, “We need professionals. Simone spent a lot of time at Ferrari and a bit at Alfa Romeo. It was available and we hit her.”

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