I’ve seen this in BL – Rogan is the 40 meter goalkeeper from Újpest

Despite driving all the way to the 91st minute, he failed to win his championship against Paks in Újpest, the first time in 26 days due to a coronavirus infection in football NB I. This is how the head coaches evaluated after the meeting.

Giorgi Beridze celebrates his special goal (Photo: Imre Földi)


The coach of the Paks, György Bognár he started by praising his opponent’s 40-meter hit.

“Beridze scored a nice goal, he recognized the opportunity well. Anyway, Újpest didn’t have many situations, it just went against it. We tried to push, we succeeded, but the quality of the game was not good. Our superiority was just barren, we needed better individual performance for the situations. “

Head coach of Újpest, Predrag Rogan he betrayed that before the game they were already happy to be able to return to the field.

“We were aware that Paks is in better shape. I asked my players to put their heart and soul into it and use their minds. Be disciplined and motivated, don’t miss the will to win and don’t miss the energy. All this was presented to me, I think, and yet we lost two points. I’m sorry for the guys, but we will gather strength and show that Újpest can do more than that. But after being missed for a month, getting nailed through the ninety minutes is a really nice result. ”

Of course, Beridze’s unusual hit was also mentioned.

“I asked him to shake up the opponent’s goalkeeper to see if he wouldn’t get into place. This is just a joke of course. Beridze is a very talented player and could be even better. I’ve seen a similar hit in the Champions League. Bravo, he did a great job, but he shouldn’t sit on his laurels. You need minutes to play and practice. You can’t be satisfied, you have to run into the areas better. But it was good to replace him today, he played football with great success. “

Újpest FC – Paksi FC 1–1 (Beridze 68. and Ádám M. 90 + 1.)


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