János Lázár: The government’s plans include supplanting foreign retail chains

He’s sending a war to retailers János Lázár – writes agrarszektor.hu and reports on the online event of the Agricultural Sector Conference 2020 organized by the Portfolio Group. According to this, the former chancellor, the government commissioner in charge of the stud farm in Mezőhegyes, said that although the coronavirus epidemic is not over yet, it can already be said that an era in the world will end with the appearance of the virus and the lifting of quarantine measures.

His main statement to Lazarus was that the government’s future plans include supplanting foreign retail chains, for which they will pursue overt protectionist policies. “We must be insulting in this, because there must be Hungarian national retail,” he said.

An important question in the current situation is whether EU funds can be blocked for political reasons. And the answer is no. These are not benefits, but allowances

Lazarus said. At the same time, he added that he was not advocating a Hungary outside the European Union.

Fidesz’s politician stated that rural areas and agriculture are the two areas that won neither during the regime change nor during the accession to the EU. Hungary is nowadays a car country, according to János Lázár, as 50 percent of GDP comes from the car industry.

Despite the regime change and the two cycles of EU agricultural financing, Hungarian agriculture is lagging behind. We are a country that exports raw materials and imports finished products.

According to Lázár, in order to improve the situation in agriculture, it is necessary to consolidate into cooperatives, according to the Polish model, or “strengthen the Hungarian processing industry so that Hungarian raw materials are processed by Hungarian companies, packaged by Hungarian companies and sold in Hungarian shops. “

Featured image: János Marjai /24.hu

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