The jury rewarded a short story while the audience received a novel.

Founded in 2016 by Libri Bookstore Ltd., the prize rewards the best literary and literary literature of the previous year, with the aim of highlighting the outstanding works of contemporary Hungarian literature.

Edor Sworen


The winner in 2019 was Eden Sworen poems became a short story. According to Csaba Károlyi, literary critic: "The author of the award-winning book, Edina Szororen, writes without any trace. You can also teach well, students can argue well about it. The price of the author of the winning volume selected by the The jury is both very professional and very human, not too cheerful and yet full of humor.His human representation is consistent, masterful in language use.In his writings he is a great artist of information retention, knows everything about narrative techniques. attached to his genre, the short story, which offers excellent performance, perhaps he can best write a short story about contemporary Hungarian literature. & # 39;

Our interview with Szororen Edina can be read on Thursday at!

Dénes Krusovszky


The public award is Dénes Krusovszky The ones that will never be has received his novel "The Bible". Zoltán Beck called Krusovszky & # 39; s novel a periodic work, a generation novel, & # 39; the novel of the generation of publicity; for the generation that no longer has the incredible belief that there is what can be passed on to the future. "

(We interviewed Dénes Krusovszky here.)

The winners receive two million forint cash prizes and 30 million forint media support.

The ceremony was held on May 15 in the Budapest Music Center.

Finalist books were among the remarkable works of last year. More than 140 representatives of Hungarian cultural life have suggested which of the 10 works published in 2018 should be submitted to the professional jury and approved by the public. This year the winning creations came from these 10 books.

Albert-László Barabási: the formula
György Dragomán: Systematic
István Kemény: Nile
Dénes Krusovszky: Those who will never be
Mán-Várhegyi Réka: Magnetic Mountain
Béla Pintér: Another drama
Márton Simon: Wedding of Vossen
László Szilasi: the dogs of Luther
Edor Szororen: Verseim
Zsuzsa Takács: The Blind Hope

There are three poetry books on list 10, Zsuzsa Takács, István Kemény and Márton Simon; three novels: Dénes Krusovszky, Réka Mán-Várhegyi, László Szilasi; a drama series by Béla Pintér; two short stories, works by György Dragomán and Edina Szvoren; and a literary work that summarizes universal success laws, as quoted by Albert-László Barabási.

The jury members were Andrea Fullajtár, Zsófia Szilágyi, András Bálint, Zoltán Beck and Csaba Károlyi.

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