In the final episode of the N1TV series Havas megmondja, he promoted his own book Henrik Havas, while in Gábor Presser.

In his program Henrik Havas compared Gábor Presser’s biographical book with his own book about László Benkő.

“Gábor Presser’s book has now been published. He wrote – he shouldn’t have. So let him play music. He plays music very well, but a book – it doesn’t matter. He once mentions the name Benkő Laci. Once. Seriously, ”said Havas, turning to his own 29 in a row.

Then he quotes a paragraph from György Molnár, the guitarist for Omega (who he calls frontman): “I don’t really know where to put Gábor Presser, because I don’t think he has much to do with rock music. He is a highly trained musician who sat at the piano even when the others were playing outside in the square, singing in the Lokomotiv song. I wouldn’t call it a retreating personality. As you saw on stage, he is also a progressive man who wants to show himself. How could he be a world star? In England she was the first to wonder when it came down to it, what about my mom on Drum Street? “Then he’s comparing us to Andrew Lloyd Webber.”

According to Snow, Presser’s book shows that every girl loved her, everyone cheated on her, everyone was material except her. “The situation was very different with the royalties in the beginning, Pici got the songs, 80-90 percent of it reaped the money. In the beginning it worked with a lot of money and not with a lot of money for us, ”Havas continued Molnár’s thoughts.

As he said, László Benkő refused to say anything bad about Presser, but his wife does not remember József Laux, Gábor Presser and Anna Adamis with a good heart, saying they left Omega at the time unfairly.

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The Presser book will be published in two parts, with the sequel coming next year

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The first part of Gábor Presser’s autobiography will be released in November of this year and the second part a year later.