Loic Nego: I always fight for this country

Loic Nego, who found a home in Hungary, also told our newspaper about the kissing of the weapon, appreciation, congratulations from Antoine Griezmann and her goals.

Loic Nego is proud to wear the jersey of the Hungarian national team and also hopes to play a role at the European Championship (Photo: Miklós Szabó)


Good afternoon! He said on the phone in perfect Hungarian Loic Nego, is a 29-year-old, six-time footballer of the national team of Mol Fehérvár FC.


Born: Paris, January 15, 1991
Post: defender
NB I match / goal: 185/29
National team / goal (2020–): 6/1
Clubs: Nantes (2010–2011), Roma (2011–2013), Standard Liege (loaned, 2013), Újpest (2013), Charlton (2014–2015), Újpest (loaned, 2014–2015), Mol Fehérvár FC (2015–)
Biggest successes: U19 European champion (2010), Hungarian champion (2018), 2x Hungarian cup winner (2014, 2019)

Can we speak Hungarian according to these?
– A little … But if it’s okay, let’s switch to English, it’s easier. With a little break, I’ve lived here with my family for seven years, I can also say that France is my country, Hungary is my home. To make me feel like that, people have an important part to play in that, I never had the impression that they would have been treated like a stranger anywhere. I cannot be grateful enough for everything I got from Hungary. I have problems with one thing, it is true, with the Hungarian language.

– Three Italian members of the professional staff have similar problems, but Marco Rossi, Cosimo Inguscio and Giovanni Costantino promised to learn Hungarian. Will you join?
“Don’t worry about that, I’ll try!” I would like to speak Hungarian after a European Group Championship match. Although I have yet to be there to play in the continent tournament.

“Anyone who scores a crucial goal in a game against Iceland has a rented spot in the frame, right?”
– This is not how it works. Although the goal was scored by me, the merit lies with the team. It’s football, not tennis, it’s not the individual that’s central here, it’s the community. All right, I found it at the gate in the eighty-eighth minute, but it took my fellows to get tired of it, forcing the Icelanders to make a mistake and put me in a position. We deserved the tie and then the victory together.

“Remember how you celebrated your goal?”
“I’ve had moments that I will never forget.”

– He also kissed the Hungarian coat of arms on his jersey …
– I wanted to show how much I respect Hungary. I am proud to represent the country. At this point I can go back to where I started: what Hungary gave me I can answer on the field. Although I am aware, I cannot give back everything I have received. On the other hand, I can express my love and appreciation for the nation, well that’s what happened for the purpose of joy. And there was another person who made me very happy after the victory in Iceland: Attila Fiola, who was seriously injured four years ago during the first match of the European Championship. Not to mention that he would stand his ground as a fortune teller. “Fityó” has already been substituted against Iceland, I was still preparing to be sent to the field when he – Ant on New Years Eve – kept folding, getting up and kicking a goal!


The International Football Association has published its latest world ranking, in which the Hungarian national team, which occupied 52nd position in early September, jumped to 40th place. The list also shows which hat the European teams will finish in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. Well, unsurprisingly, Marco Rossi’s band is waiting for the event on December 7th from the third, so Russia, Ireland, Czech Republic, Norway, Northern Ireland, Iceland, Scotland, Greece and Finland will definitely be avoided. At the draw in Zurich, the 55 European teams will be divided into ten groups, and in addition to the ten group winners, three teams will advance to the Qatari World Cup in the qualifying matches.

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The European Football Association confirmed on Friday that according to previous plans, next year’s European championships will take place in 12 cities. It also appeared that the authorities are investigating four options for admitting supporters. At best, the stadiums will be able to run at full capacity, but masks will be mandatory, while the worst-case scenario will be closed goalkeeper matches – UEFA is expected to decide on this in early March.

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– Was the main goal of your career against Iceland?
“Well, I’m not saying it’s the prettiest, but that’s the most important thing, it’s not up for discussion.” At the same time, I hope to become even more important in the future. When I took the Citizenship Oath in February 2019, I could only hope that I could wear the Hungarian National Team jersey, but due to the rules then in force, this was not a reality. In my mind he was driving there though, maybe the situation will change over time and I can play for the national team – if the federal captain deems it worthy of course. Thank goodness, at the beginning of October all obstacles were removed from my performance, Marco Rossi voted to trust me and I went happily. On the one hand it was a great honor, on the other hand I was motivated to have to give back my confidence!

– Can you say you did it?
“I can’t stress it, it doesn’t matter that I equalized against Iceland. If someone else kicked the goal, I would have been just as happy. It was incredible the few days we spent in Telki before qualifying. was in us that only we could win this match, tremendous will and desire worked in all of us, we knew we would do it All I did was sit in the boat where everyone was pulling in one direction – and I started I knew most of them, but there were a few that I hadn’t met before, but after the first day I felt like I had been a member of the team for years.

“Can we call him Louis from now on?”
– Sometimes my family calls it that … I was still playing football in Újpest, when Asmir Suljic found out that the Loic somewhat resembles Lajos, I owe it to him that more and more people have called it that ever since.

“Did I hear Adam mention it to Adam in one of the matches?”
– Not only him … By the way, Adam was the first to come to me with the fact that from today I am also Lajos in the national band. I realized it’s okay of course.

– Did you get a lot of messages from France?
– Many congratulations, family members and friends. I was happy to see that the French newspapers were also dealing with us, a good echo of the European Championship qualification and the promotion in the League of Nations.

– Antoine Griezmann wrote?
– Alexandre Lacazette, in fact. We won the U19 European Championship together ten years ago, it connects us for a lifetime. It was good that they thought of me. It makes me happy to have people around me who can rejoice in my success.

– Have you been told that you can meet in person at the Puskás Arena on June 19, 2021?
– As a friend, but as an opponent. The Hungary-France group match will be held that day, but to be honest I haven’t thought about what it would be like to play against my home country and my former colleagues. Of course it would be nice to be on the field in the game, but that day is still a long way away, I want to deal with the present and the near future for the time being. Victory over Iceland is also part of history. If you ask, I love to talk about it, but I want to focus mainly on getting good results with White Castle in the coming weeks. After Boban Nikolov and Viszar Muszliut, the North Macedonian national team, also participated in the qualifying matches, we have seven footballers in the ranks who can prepare for the European Championship. After that, Vidi fans rightly expect that we will also be successful in the competition. In the meantime, I also expect myself to add as much as possible to this. Partly because the goals of the club are the same as mine: you can win what you can!

“If you had to describe in one word what happened to you in the past few weeks, what would it be?”
– Fantastic! Or rather: fantastic. This year we’ve had a lot of hardships and we have to go through the epidemic, but what I was part of the national team made up for almost everything. It was a very good feeling to bring joy to Hungary in this difficult period. This is one of the best chapters in my career, I owe everyone a lot for that.

– A short list of names will fit: which ones are the most important?
“My loved ones, who are always by my side, when I go home with bowed head after a badly successful match, they still put a smile on my face. Vidi’s sports director, Zoltán Kovács, who did his best to return to Hungary five years ago and has believed in me unbroken ever since. Fehérvár’s owner, István Garancsi, who also trusted and trusts me. The president of the Hungarian Football Association, Sándor Csányi, who fought in the International Football Association to change the rules, opened the way for me to join the Hungarian national team. Marco Rossi, who was honored with his confidence. My colleagues in Székesfehérvár and my team, as well as all members of the professional and medical staff, as well as everyone else who works in the background – I am grateful to be one of them. And special thanks to the Hungarian fans for the welcome! I got a lot of messages from them, it was comforting to read them. I hope they are just as proud of what we have achieved together as I am. As I said, what Hungary has given me and my family I can never fully reciprocate, but I can promise one thing: I will always fight for this country.

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