Majka came out of the hospital

18 days ago it turned out that he was coronavirus, he was in the hospital for 11 days, even though he only went in for the first time to accompany a friend. “I am lying with bilateral pneumonia, pleurisy,” he said back on Sunday, but he could finally go home on Monday.

“I am infinitely grateful to Balassagyarmat for providing such assistance over the past 11 days. When you’re in the hospital someone reevaluates a few things and I have to say I’m lucky to have so many friends. They wrote every day, they worried, they tried to please me, to cheer me up. If there is anything positive about this item, it is it “, – he wrote on his Instagram page.

Maya can go homeInstagram

“I would hug the hospital staff one by one. It was very reassuring to find such professionals working in the often injured, kicked health care system. The director of the hospital, the principal, the head of the intensive care unit, the nurses have all helped me a lot to make me feel less motherless, ”he added.

“Since March, these people have been under tremendous pressure, so a lot of respect for their work. The intense nurses on their feet are pushing the 12-hour (!!) shift by taking off their protective gear! Once! Once every 12 hours you can eat, drink, go to the bathroom. How many times a day do we adjust the mask? ‘He asked.

Your new test is also positive

‘They took the blood in the morning, took it to a CT, thank goodness my lungs improved. There are values ​​that bounce, this is due to inflammation. I’m still sure, unfortunately … But I’m on my way home from Balassagyarmat. That’s the point, ‘he said in his short video, logging in from the car.

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