Men & # 39; s Aquarius: We have exchanged the Russians for the Eb-replacement

With a self-confident victory, the qualifiers for the European Cup and the World Cup were won by the Hungarian men's water polo team, which beat Russia 15-8.

Balázs Erdélyi found the Russians once in the summer, this time three times (Photo: Anikó Kovács)

We had to take revenge for ours because the Russian national team at the European Championships in Barcelona proved to be a better goal. This time it was difficult to start from the Hungarian point of view, but after the first quarter the parties could take a one-time Hungarian advantage.

The second act has been completely revived, especially in Dénes Varga, who eventually scored five of his goals as the most successful Hungarian player. At the end of the third quarter Tamás Märcz was in the lead with seven goals, and although he drove until the last end, this difference was maintained.

the the Germans beat 17-9 after which the Hungarian national team again won easily, which Malta will receive on December 11th.

In the European Qualifier of the World Cup there are four groups of four, each of which is the first two in the European Cup from April 5 to 7, and the first three – and possibly the organizer – can represent the continent in the World Super Cup.

WEST 815 (2-3, 1-5, 1-3, 4-4)
Ruza. A: Buch (Spanish), Budramis (Greek)
RUSSIA: Fedotov – Kopcev 1 Asaiev, Holod 1 Liszunov, Sepley, Nagajev first substitution: Sztacenko (goalkeeper), Sucskov, Andrjukov, Gyerevjankin 1 Harkov 2, Merkulov second Federal captain: Sergei Yevshtignyev
HUNGARY: GREAT V – ERDÉLYI 3 VARGA DÉNES 5 JANSIK D. 1 Hara 1 Gergő Kovács 2, toller first substitution: Jansik Sz., Pohl, Zalánki 1 German, Shepherd first Federal captain: Tamás Märcz
Goals – Advantage of man: 12/5, ill. 7/6
Goals – double gain: -, or. 1/1
Tamás Märcz:
– The team has shown that it is a lot, and the reality is that the Russians are defeated, even when they are away, which I am very happy with. We played well, our defense worked well, which was accompanied by a stable goal and our position could not be criticized either. I saw that the real teamwork was the victory.

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