Miklós Fenyő showed a photo of 17-year-old Balázs Feco

That’s how he says goodbye.

Pine Michael also formulated some thoughts Balázs Fecó in connection with his death. The singer wrote on her community page that she was shocked to hear the news, in 1968 they were still competing for Who knows what?-On.

I was very shocked … We started together. On the ’68 Who Knows What ?, we were still competing, but we made friends right after the finale. We celebrated that night well… Since then, fate has always brought us back together… We have had to deal with some regularity in recent years. We talked, we laughed, we celebrated … Music, football, the eternal themes for both of us. And of course the constant laughter, a good mood. What I lost today. With him. God bless you, peace be upon you, Feco! Miklós Fenyő

I was very shaky …
We started together. On the ’68 Who Knows What? ‘, We were still competing against each other, but right after the final …

Published By: Miklós Fenyő Official Website – Friday, November 27, 2020

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