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Orban: the vitality in Central Europe is greater than in the West

The Prime Minister was questioned for the first time about the performance of the Hungarian economy. According to Viktor Orbán, it is worthwhile to be surprised by the numbers, especially when compared to where Hungary was in 2010.

The 2010 Hungary has shown a picture of a weakened, vulnerable country with an eight-year impact in the economy. "

He said.

According to Viktor Orbán, this key is the new economic model that he thinks would be announced because he had not been involved in the last twenty years.

It was a big controversy, but people finally held out. This was the most important for people to adhere to economic policies "

He said. According to the Prime Minister, this was due to two-thirds and the previous very bad state of the country. He said: there is a lot of work behind the current situation. He also emphasized the cultural elements. According to the prime minister, it is not possible at the same time to be a good economic policy for a Hungarian and a bourgeois or a Hungarian and a German.

I knew Hungarian people as talented and Hungarians are talented everywhere, even in simple physical jobs. Foreign investors are always surprised to see what employees have in their respective areas – he added, adding that he saw people like to work.

If it makes sense, the Hungarian people are diligent "

"Said Orbán Viktor.

According to the prime minister, economic growth can be maintained if people remain diligent and talented and can not comfort leaders.

In Hungarian public thinking there is a scheme that looks like our performance for others. This is not unjustified, it's good to look at it, but I've never been looking for how to lock others, I do not care. Everyone has their own life, every people thinks differently. Hungarians have the right to feel that they are performing well, and not to others. Of course it is important not to stay away because it is a competition, but not to meet the expectations of foreigners, "said Orbán Viktor, who also said he needed to improve his skills: on vocational training and the situation of small and medium-sized companies.

He said that raising the wages of nurses was one of the most important problems in the health sector. According to the promised salary promise of four years in advance, the government will be able to maintain the economic situation.

Speaking of the national consultation, Viktor Orbán said:

it is very difficult to ask people's opinions about everything, but there are some things that are worthy of making points of understanding. The Hungarian smart guy, he has opinions about everything and many opinions do not agree with that. But if there are a few fix points, it makes society the unity. "

He also mentioned border protection as a fixed point for family policy, for example. The Prime Minister stated that he was pleased that hundreds of thousands would complete the national consultation. According to his words, there was a concept that was issued for national consultation.

In the foreign battles, the main part of the national consultation was the consultation on migration and it seems that the Hungarians have a good life expectancy. The election result counts the most, but after that the meeting comes "

He pointed out.

According to Viktor Orbán can not be guaranteed that it will be able to stop the loss of population, but if young people see that they are not poorer, they will be richer, they will be cut off and they will believe that there is no better way of life is, especially when they see the government is behind them.

With regard to European policy, Viktor Orbán stated that no democracy is perfect. The Hungarian is not, but Brussels is even further away.

In a case, vote again and again until the bureaucrats have the right result, the funny one for the prime minister.

I would try to do this in the Hungarian Parliament, not just the opposition, but my own faction would be furious "

He added.

According to the head of the government, the end-of-life fatigue of the Brussels politicians seems necessary, so blood replacement is necessary.

The fact that Brussels basically forbade the government to respond to Verhofstadt's allegations said that Viktor Orbán clearly distinguishes between the democracies in Western and Central European countries. Things went well in the West after the Second World War, people lived in freedom, peace and prosperity. The elite were used to coaxing sometimes, but did not need to hear what Hungarian politicians had to do.

The emotional, lively manifestations in the West were not typical until they had to stay alive here. Here man is not king, as a street fighter you have to fight to do good. Our democracy is a more warlike democracy than the Western one "

– said the Prime Minister, saying that Guy Verhofstadt and Judith Sargentini believe that they can attack Hungary.

But we defend and defend ourselves. Anyone who attacks us who bites us must have a strong prosthesis. When we respond to the attacks, the Belgians respond to the fact that this can not be done. The vitality in Central Europe is greater than in the West "

– closed the interview with Viktor Orbán.

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