Our team is now in hell – Erik Hamrén –

At the press conference after the Hungary-Iceland (2–1) World Cup qualifiers, Erik Hamrén, the Swedish federal captain of the Scandinavian countries, was evaluated for the first time.


“Of course we are all very disappointed. We were five minutes away from the European Championship. Congratulations to Hungary, you can look forward to a fantastic summer. We didn’t defend ourselves tightly enough, the Hungarians got through us easily ” He started the press conference after the game Erik Hamrén.

“It is not time to talk about the future” Said the captain of the Icelanders about a question about his future.

We asked National Sports Online if he didn’t feel like they were very upset about the outcome at the end of the game, after which he retaliated.

“When a team leads to 1-0, it is often the scenario that the team in the lead sets up to defend. We had a counter attack, we were close to the second goal, but really, we defended too much in the second half, the Hungarian team had much more possession Hamrén said. – One-match substitutes are like this. The winning team can feel in heaven and the loser in hell. We were very close to our dreams, but now we have gone to hell. We wish Hungary good luck at the European Championship. ”

Hungary – Iceland 2-1
(Nego 88., Szoboszlai 90 + 2., and G. Sigurdsson 11.)

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