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"People do not understand how difficult it is," Guardiola Sarri said

He arrived at the Rangander and saw a real slaughter in Manchester, Etihad: City sent Chelsea to the floor in twenty-five minutes and won 6-0 in the 26th round of the English Football Premier League. Let's see how the main characters judged the meeting!

Manchester City was the Sunday Striker (Photo: AFP)


Above and fly

♦ Sergio Agüero has eight championship goals in 2019: twice as many as any other player, he has scored one goal over 11 in the Premier League teams.
♦ The Argentinian striker took the 11th Trophy in PL and placed the record of Alan Shearer.
♦ For the first time since 1990, Chelsea scored at least four goals in two consecutive foreign games.
♦ Only Fulham (15) scored more goals at Chelsea in 2019 (13).
City Manchester City is the first English top team since Tottenham (1965) to score more than one goal in 15 domestic matches.

"We have performed incredibly well, players were great, and after the defeat of Newcastle we had to look in the mirror and discuss the mistakes, we did this and we stepped forward" He started Pep Guardiola, Manchester City Manager.

"It's all about the players and their commitment, we received Arsenal and Chelsea in a week and we visited Everton, and although we had a hard time, we were great."

The Spanish expert expressed his sympathy with Maurizio Sarri, who was defended against criticism.

They have defeated us at Stamford Bridge, just like Napoli in the previous season. We played tight matches and were better than us. "

"People do not understand how hard it is, I have often told you that it was my first year, there are times when things are going well, but it is not continuous, they expect that once the new coach arrives, they will buy a number of players, and the results are immediate, although time is needed for the owners to have confidence, the main reason the president would come to Manchester City, I did not have to convince you, knew me, if something goes wrong we try to find a solution My judgment does not depend on victory and loss, it is one of the reasons why I like being here. & # 39;

After the battle it was clear that the two coaches have not held each otherGuardiola has also explained this.

"I spoke with Gianfranco Zola, Sarri did not see me, I have a good relationship with him, so it did not cause any problems."

Chelsea's head coach found it difficult to explain the most serious defeat in Chelsea PL.


César Azpilicueta, Chelsea defender:
"I'm on the worst night of my career, it's hard to explain what happened, the first few minutes were fine, but that's not enough, we're getting too many goals recently, all I can do is apologize to the fans, because this is unacceptable. & # 39;

"I can not explain it at the moment, maybe the target we reached in the third minute made our company difficult, we could not give them an area, so we got in trouble, but I still do not understand, I had this one A good feeling, at the moment there is a big problem with the strange matches, I do not know why " He said Sarr.

"I have not seen anything of this game in this game, we have to find out what does not work, but it will not be easy, something has changed, we were better abroad than at home, but now it turned."

Recent results have also led to the future of the Italian professional.

"They're right, I'm responsible for the team, but I can not give any information about my future, the club has to ask, I'm worried about my team, performance and this kind of work is never certain, so I do not think so About after Roman Abramovics If the president calls me, I will be glad because I have not heard from him yet, I honestly do not know what to expect. & # 39;

Manchester City – Chelsea 6-0 (Sterling 4th, 80th, Aguero 13th, 19th, 56th – the third of 11th, Gündogan 25.)
Tottenham Hotspur – Leicester City 3-1 (D. Sánchez 33., Eriksen 63, Szon Hung Min 91, or Vardy 76)
Brighton & Hove Albion – Burnley 1-3 (Duffy 76, Wood 26, 61, Barnes 74-11)
Liverpool-AFC Bournemouth 3-0 (Mané 24, Wijnaldum 34, Szalah 48)
Huddersfield Town-Arsenal
1-2 (Kolasinac 93 – self, or Iwobi 16, Lacazette 44)
Crystal Palace – West Ham United
1-1 (Zaha 76 and Noble 27 – 11)
Southampton – Cardiff City 12 (Stephens 91, or Bamba 69, Zohore 93)
1-0 (A. Gray 65)
Fulham – Manchester United 0-3 (Pogba 14th, 65th – second on 11, Martial 23.)

21:00: Wolverhampton Wanderers-Newcastle United (TV: Spiser1)

1. Manchester City27212474-20+5465
2. Liverpool26205159-15+4465
3. Tottenham2620654-252960
4. Manchester United26156552-351751
5. Arsenal26155653-37+1650
6. Chelsea26155645-29+1650
7. Wolverhampton25115933-32 138
8. Watford26107934-34 037
9. Everton27961236-39 -333
10. West Ham26961132-39 -733
11. Bournemouth261031337-47-1033
12. Leicester City26951231-34 -332
13. Crystal Palace26761327-34 -727
14. Brighton & Hove Albion26761328-39-1127
15. Burnley26761329-47-1827
16. Cardiff City26741524-47-2325
17. Newcastle25661321-33-1224
18. Southampton26591228-44-1624
19. Fulham26451725-58-3317
20. Huddersfield Town26251914-48-3411

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