preparation of the timetable for single trains and buses

János Fónagy emphasized the main directions of the government's transport policy: he emphasized the goal of creating passenger-friendly, innovative, sustainable, uniform and flexible public transport. He added that the greatest challenge of the profession today is the struggle between individual and public transport, with the support and strengthening of the latter, which is in the general interest of Hungarian society.

One of the most urgent tasks mentioned was the connection of rural big cities with the circulation of national traffic, the reduction of the travel time of rail transport and the improvement of the pace, and the introduction of a single tariff system and a transparent discount system.

He underlined: After many metropolises in Budapest, a rail transport system in the suburbs must also be built. The maintenance of the railways, irrespective of their economy, is justified by the constantly evolving development and social situation of the regions & # 39; s and regions & # 39; s.
János Fónagy also pointed out that the preference of service providers in Hungarian hands and the possible involvement of small and medium-sized enterprises will, as far as possible in the future, be decisive for the development of bus transport. In addition, it is important to strengthen the training system, or by reviving secondary vocational education, "he remarked.
The State Secretary recalled that the civilian government inherited a rather "disrupted" transport system in 2010. However, the new legislation on passenger transport, which was almost unprecedentedly broad consensus, created the conditions for a uniform timetable, fare system and transport policy, "approved the test of time and proved to be a successful construction that stabilized the profession and still the basis is for the industry to operate. "
Péter Tóth, deputy state secretary of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, said the government's strategic goal is to become one of the five most vibrant countries in Europe by 2020. This requires fast, easy and safe transportation, "he said.
The planned and ongoing developments have emphasized the improvement of the railway accessibility of cross-border large cities and the development of rail corridors for international rail freight services to Hungary.
He indicated that the plans for the construction of high-speed railways between Budapest-Warsaw and Budapest-Cluj-Nap are being studied and the possibility is being explored to shorten the travel time on the Vienna-Budapest route. As a flagship project, Péter Tóth called the development of a railway test route up to 430 kilometers per hour after the test track on the road in Zalaegerszeg.
László Habis, mayor of Eger, said in a greeting: "The seat of the county of Heves has a" historical time "from the point of view of traffic, recalling that the M25 road, built with the net 50 billion forint, the European Expressway network, while important developments in transport infrastructure are taking place in the city, which are expected to strengthen Eger's economy and its environment, improve employment and increase the attractiveness of tourists.
The Hungarian Transport Conference, which began on Tuesday and was organized for the second time in three consecutive sessions, offers 82 lessons in eight semesters and eighteen blocks in 82 lectures, approximately 800 participants in the trade fair and sector news.


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