Red Dead Redemption: The Outlaws Collection: Fake it all

It’s not worth falling for rumors right away: a Rockstar Games it may not really bring the two Red Dead Redemptions to the new consoles.

There was an Amazon listing that one Red Dead Redemption: The Outlaws Collection-t covered. This one On Twitter linked and, in principle, the PlayStation 5, az Xbox series X and that Xbox series S. with a price tag of $ 70 (26-27 thousand forints of the euro) would comprise two games, if all were true: the Red Dead Redemption Remasteredand, illetve a Red Dead Redemption 2and supposedly contains ‘new and familiar missions and faces’. Faster charging times, more. Image below from the PlayStation 5 listing.

But that was quickly refuted by Zack Zweizen, Kotaku’s weekend editor on Twitter via several tweets ( For example, he pointed out that whoever does a lot of Photoshop usually follows the rule of being lazy, so if someone were to search for Arthur Morgan’s PNG on Google, they would take one of the first transparent images there, and he showed seeing it, and then John Marston RDR2 also found a photo of the other protagonist using the PNG search term.

And from here it is easy to cut and repaint the images a bit to get the look to match the cover. Then they caught the horses and people to get over the protagonists, using an eraser with little transparency. And the sun is the same as the one on the original cover, but whoever created the Photoshop image corrupted it because there are also trees that shouldn’t be visible, which is why, according to Zweizen, you can quickly see how unreal the cover looks .

If these are not compelling enough, we point out that the placeholder, tentative release date would be December 31, 2021, but on the right-hand side you can read that the product can be returned by January 31, 2021. Do we need to explain this further?

So on that basis, you have no confidence that Take-Two will bring the two parts of Red Dead Redemption to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series as part of a new disc release.

Source: WCCFTech, DualShockers

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