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Return to the harassment of Anna Pásztor

Anna Pásztor will be present at the upcoming hearing, but she has indicated that she does not want to meet Joseph P., who has been bothering the singer for months, and that she went to her concert, writes Blikk. "I do not want to go to court, because that's why you do everything to be in one place! (…) I'm afraid of him, I do not want to be around him!"Said the foreman of Anna and the Barbies, who said that his perpetrator waited at the meeting to meet.

As the tabloid magazine taught, the court summoned the singer as a witness, so he had to appear in court, but since he would incite him, the accused would not be present until the singer confessed. "The court accepted and respected my client's request not to stay in the same airspace as his perpetrator. (…) The defendants will be connected to the video from the prison, they will be heard"Said the lawyer of Anna Pásztor, Dr. Roland Szilágyi.

Joseph P. can receive up to 2 years in prison for intimidation.

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