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LG presents the LG HomeBrew on 201 January 2018, including the LGBT. According to cg, the home automation system is incredibly simple, making gp user-friendly capsules, optimized algorithms for fermentation and easy-to-use functionality.

The capsular system can be pressed at the push of a button: the dull, calcareous, saturated oils and lubricants can be found in various sizes, as soon as a useful capsule, with a single button on the stomach and the pen, has been mined. the GP. With the free application developed for gp (widgets for Android and iOS), users can quickly follow homebrows in HomeBrew.

The optimized fermentation algorithm controls the fermentation flow, adjusts the flow rate and controls the gray scale. The system automatically locks itself with a small amount of power and the next dose is strictly adjusted to gp.

The capsules are available in different sizes: richly coated American IPA (Indian Pale Ale), golden American APA (American Pale Ale), hearty English stout, Belgian stilts white beer (bzasr) and dry Czech Pilsen. The device has a capacity of 1 liter prisms to be sold from the fuel type, including a refrigerator.

Forrs: LG

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