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Sepsi OSK: President Dinamo would upset the club in Hungary

Alexandru David, president of Dinamo Bucuresti, wants to disrupt the association of Sfântu Gheorghe in Hungary.

Sepsi in a great fight against Dynamo (photo: Sepsi & # 39; s official Facebook page)

Although it ended on Saturday Sepsi OSK Dinamo (0-1) Romanian cutting edge championship match, the not so spectacular fight stormy afterlife. In addition to the spectacular press and referee refusal of the Bucharest team, the Székely Land team accuses the Romanian alliance of tolerating the increasingly stringent Hungarian anti-Dinamo, while the president of Dinamo, in the spirit of the guard, the Hungarian club Sfântu Gheorghe would disrupt. Immediately after the match, Eugen Neagoe, head coach of Sepsi, froze that the Romanian press and the referees Dinamo would top the top six at the end of the three-week end season, at the expense of small teams that were defeated.

"We still have three games of the regular season, but I think we do not have a chance to play in the Senate and they will see what judgments they will be! & # 39; He said Neagoe.

The boss of Sepsi had already spoken on Monday. János Bokor, sports director, recalled in an interview with the online edition of Gazeta Sporturilor's sports day in Bucharest that the entire Romanian press was worried about Dinamo during the winter break, while Sepsi, who was ahead in Bucharest, was not treated at all. He also spoke about the behavior of the directors of Dinamo, and said that the tolerance of the alliance was too great for their Hungarian hatred.

"If they first get fifty thousand and one hundred thousand seconds and they are excluded third, they will no longer bring such supporters." He stressed Bush. Shortly after the interview, on Monday afternoon at noon, the trident club gave a message stating that, despite the special attention of referees and federal observers for the anti-Hungarian behavior of guest fans, in such a case they did not stopped. The club with three legs expects "appropriate measures" from the Romanian Football Association and the pro-league.

Gazeta Sporturilor confronted President Dinamo with Bush's statements and Alexandru David's answer is briefly summarized: Sepsi moves to Hungary! "Dinamo is supported by seventy years of tradition, part of the Romanian nation, the main club of the country Mr. Bush, would you like to talk about Seps? & # 39; Asked David and said that the victims of St. George are the victims, but in reality their onlookers provoke nationalist reactions, according to the law, prohibited by Szekler flags and hymns.

"Well, Mr Bokor, according to the first paragraph of the Constitution, Romania is a sovereign and independent, unified and indivisible nation state." Mr. Bokor, is it disturbed by the constitution of the country of your nationality? " Said Dinamo President, who said that Dinamo's guest appearance was only five thousand on Saturday.

Three rounds before the end of the regular season, Sepsi OSK (33 points) is sixth and Dinamo (28) stands at eleven.

23rd Round – Saturday Match
Sepsi OSK alternator 0-1
(Nistor from 57 to 11)
The leading edge: 1. CFR 47 points, 2. FCSB 44, 3. Craiova 42, … 6. Sepsi OSK 33, … 11. Dynamo 28.

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