Slavic: The plague is on Plato

Vaccination against the coronavirus will be free and voluntary, and if the right amount is available, anyone can get it, the chief physician at South Pest Central Hospital’s National Institute of Hematology and Infectious Diseases told M1 on Saturday.

János Slavik he said several countries are starting to vaccinate their citizens with vaccines they have manufactured themselves, but there are also examples of countries supplying vaccines to other states.

In some states, registrants are registered for vaccinations, and elsewhere a so-called vaccination plan is being drawn up for who can get the vaccine first, and then the order in which people are vaccinated.

There is general agreement that the elderly, sick people and health workers should be vaccinated first. In many places, older people living in social homes and those who work there are vaccinated

János Slavik said.

He added that they are followed by people responsible for the running of that country, i.e. members of the police and military, as well as officials, and those who are at risk in some way, such as meeting many people .

In response to a question, he explained the experience that 2-3 weeks after the introduction of restrictions, a so-called plateau develops and then the number of infected people decreases; In Hungary, neither the number of infected people nor the number of deaths has increased significantly in the recent period, ie the epidemic has reached such a plateau.

Some researchers speculate that in the coming days, if lucky, the number of people infected could decrease.

He said, adding that the reduction in deaths would follow this within a few weeks, as many elderly people are hospitalized.

He also mentioned that the Swedish example indicates that a large part of the population will not become infected with the coronavirus, that is, vaccination should create flock immunity, because if 50-60 percent of the population is resistant, there can be no bigger epidemic. originate.

János Slavik stressed that people must comply with epidemiological measures during the upcoming holidays.

I think people should recognize that this Christmas is not like the last

– He told.


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