More and more people are getting the chance to try out a new version of the Google card service that already uses the extended reality. This time the novelty was seen by the Engadget journalists.

It was an important year for Google in 2018, and not just because it paid off an astonishing amount of fines. It is also because we have introduced an improved version of Google Maps this year, which is very different from what we used to be.

The program works in the same way as before, but the route to the title is now more visible to the user, thanks to the extensive reality. A few hours have passed since the development, but now a new one has been made Engadget reports from journalists.

Although the two videos are similar, it is worth looking at this new video because it reveals more interesting things. On the one hand, for example, you can see how the map changes from the usual navigation to the more futuristic view, where the user lifts his phone. (If you're just wondering this, you have to twist it to 2:44).

In connection with the development, the question arises what Google wants to do with its own service, especially that the company also has the popular and well-known Waze. Some people say that the company makes it impossible to use the latter with the use of such functions.

The pros and cons of each navigation app and device are discussed in more detail on Thursday's HVG issue.

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