If it has not been clear until now, the new figures seem reassuring: the trading market in the smartphone manufacturers is rearranging, at least as far as China is concerned.

New data released by the ITC and telecom market research firm of the US International Data Corporation (IDC), according to which Huawei has strengthened its leading market share of smartphone manufacturers in China in the last three months. Based on its market share, Huawei followed Oppo (19.6 percent), Vivo (18.8 percent) and Apple (11.5 percent). This means that

in the case of the cupertino company, the two other companies were more interested in Chinese customers.

The fact that Huawei's mobile phones in China run better is probably also due to the fact that the iPhone is not the symbol of wealth, on the contrary: in China, arms are turning on Apple phones.


The most recent data from IDC also show that China's biggest loser in the past quarter was China's Xiaomi, with sales down nearly 35 percent and market share at 10 percent. from Apple. (According to last year's figures, Huawei was also the winner of the competition.)

The main reason for the lack of interest in the iPhone is that the new mobile phones offer little more than their predecessors, but that they are more expensive. Later Apple also realized that CEO Tim Cook had decided to lower the price of the devices in countries where the value of the local currency was lower than that of the dollar.

In the last quarter of 2017, Huawei was also the market leader with 21.3 percent, followed by Oppo with 17.5 percent and Vivo 16.5 percent. Then the fourth Xiaomi was 13.9 percent, followed by Apple's fifth in 12.9 percent. The new data also showed that sales of smartphones in China fell by 9.7 percent in the last quarter of last year.

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