The Creative Assembly for SEGÁ continues to work on FPS

And meanwhile one Microsoft also began to quietly advertise something.

It was about two and a half years ago. is when we heard he was working on the Total War series Creative montage they are looking for people for an inside shooting game through a vacancy. This was finally confirmed by the studio in early 2019, when Neil Blomkamp, ​​a film director, showed that the project was still in progress. However, two years have passed since then and we haven’t heard anything – until the Game industryuntil the interview. In this Tim Heaton, a SEGA his head of the European studios confirmed that the match had not been canceled.

The Creative Assembly will continue to move in a different direction as the studio focuses on growing new teams for new IPs. Each studio has a franchise, which is largely mature, according to Heaton. That is why new intellectual property is being sought. Own studios have exactly this two-sided strategy: on the one hand they expand what they already have, but in the meantime they also have to think about new IPs. Sadly, this half-sentence confirmation still doesn’t reveal what on earth the studio can do with FPS. (The direction of the interior view was hit pretty well by the Alien: Isolationnel…)

Meanwhile, something is being done between Microsoft and SEGA. Aaron Greenberg, az Xbox is his marketing manager Instagram published the following story.

According to the text, hopefully everyone will enjoy the game this weekend. Yes, it is harmless, but we see a hedgehog in front of an Xbox controller. And Sonic, one of SEGA’s iconic IPs is just a hedgehog. This can no longer be a coincidence, which is why we can rightfully expect an announcement from Game Awards only a few days away.

We remain suspect that the acquisition of Zenimax (Bethesda, all of its studios AND their IPs… Doom, Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, Dishonored, etc…) by the Redmond company could be followed by the incorporation of SEGA. In doing this, Microsoft would also have a direct, strong Japanese presence, which could help Xbox series Goodluck over there.

Source: WCCFTech, JVL

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