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The fire will arrive at the end of March

the Battlefield V Although it was released last fall, we also wrote a test, but the development of online multi-player recordings at the stores was not over yet. For example, there was a missed generous combat mode, without which no video games can be made today. At the same time, the wait is slowly over because Firestorm (Fire Storm) is a free download update on March 25. And what it is all about is a nice action-packed taste of this video.

Battle royale is one of today's most popular genres in the world of games: users battle each other online on a map (usually on an island, but BFVa huge fireball will become smaller and smaller), sometimes divided into two teams. Participants must start with almost empty hands, while the area to be explored becomes smaller and smaller. The fight lasts as long as a single survivor lives or the last player in a group is eliminated.

The most famous representatives of Battle Royale are games such as PUBG, Fortniteor just a few weeks ago Apex Legends, but the madness was not meant to miss patina series call of Duty or a battlefield. The first last fall a Black Ops 4 has already given the players what they want in episodes a, a Battlefield V and at the end of March it will bring its own version.

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