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The last leader in the championship led by Fival is the now dead kosrbr

We have the hrt on pntek at 67 kidney years. Gyrgy, a former cartoon leader. his father, Szab dn, was the legend of Hungarian ni kosrlabdzs, his son, Gerg Szab, lnya Szab, club leader of Nomi Szabszrd. We now struggle with the trtn to remember how the desapa and his son led a NB I frfimrkzst.

The fifth championship 2005-2006 in group A, the Alshzi Rye, is 9-14. MAFC and Falco beat each other in Budapest. Everyone knew Szab IV. Gyrgy led the day before, Krmend champion, the brskod ended, it was mgsem.

Before we remember this March 7, 2006, we must mention that a day earlier, in the bronze horn of Krmend-PVSK on June 6, 2006the game of Szab Gyrgy dropped the spy of Krmend & # 39; s B-kz members kz.

That was how the sport was at the time:

Rare scene could have been the Krmendi nzk from mrkzs lefjsa utn. Szab IV. Gyrgy led the parquet in the beginning. It turned out that this gesture had been pushed out of reality. This place took over the place that was thrown into the ranks of Kznsg.

This gesture will never be forgotten in the small town of Vas County because the bride has paid tribute to the country's most talented basketball fan.

But let's go back to MAFC-Falco on June 7, 2006. Shouted Gyrgy, who got a chance. St, the kldbizottsg, also loved me with a mustache track, Gergel could play the bcsmcc, who was in debt on this line.

It would not have been possible to get a bigger deal. Now that you've done all this with the frog, here's the final game of the game,

MAFC-jbuda-Falco KC Szombathely 89-97 (23-18, 27-30, 23-27, 16-22)
Budapest, 100 nz, NB I. The fffle racket group, 9th-14th. was led by Szab IV, Gyrffy, V.V.
MAFC Pojbics 4, Wehner 6, MADISON 25/3, FISHER 32/9, Tth Sz. 7. Replacement of FARAG 13/9, Halmosi 2, Szenteleki -. That's Dri Csaba.
Falco KLMN 34/6, PANKR 21/6, VRADI 11, Borszki 9/3, Feigl -. Csere Jarosevits 4, Henrik 9/9, SZAB ZS. 8/6, Szendi -, Will 1. Edz Vradi Attila.

Szab IV. Gyrgy, calm down.

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