The new clip of Nánási has been released, commentators resent Andi Tóth “having sex in it”

They thought it didn’t fit the picture.

Nánási’s Christmas song debuted on YouTube tonight, accompanied by a band called Lóci Playing. Andi Tóth. Admittedly, the latter was not so fortunate, as some commentators felt that Andi Tóth was not acting in a sufficiently consolidated manner. It was in the clip Nora Devil and Paul Nánási two children small is Wenceslas It may also have been an exaggeration for Andi Tóth to play to party while singing about New Year’s Eve. It’s also possible that the glittering mini dress interfered with the speakers he appeared in, at least objected to his presence. Yet the video already has more than 11,000 views.

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