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The oldest member of the solar system is thinner than you thought

Ultimately, the Ultima Thule name glasses are more popular than those who have looked at the latest recordings from NASA & # 39; s New Horizons, which are not like a man, or even more like a Russian figure, with BBC News.

The New Horizons created the kpek when janur elsejn was scammed by the most recent gesture of the solar system, the 2014 MU69, which was not officially known as Ultima Thule.

On the Kpek, the small stt, on one side, the sun is illuminated by a narrow SVT. However, the capable people can get out of the way, in the star stars of the stars, where the lines of the guitar in Korb are, you say, the Ultima Thule kt united gmbh body, but the video uploaded to htvg on Twitter is flat .

The New Horizons now know, the largest half of the guitar, the Ultima nickname giant pancake, is the smallest rs.

Ultima ThuleForr: Science Photo Library / Mark Garlick / Science Photo Libra / MARK GARLICK / SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY

It is unaware that such a form of body was allowed. We have never been like the Sun Krl " Alan Stern told the BBC.

New Horizons was launched on January 19, 2006, its main task was Pluto's quest, on July 14, 2015, along the trpeblane, so far he became smarter. In 2014, Ultima Thult discovered the Hubble telescope and in 2015 NASA expanded its New Horizons mission to the asteroid exam.


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