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The release of Galaxy Fold is slipping away

However, Samsung did not dare to risk the April debut.

A few days ago we wrote about the problem with the first flexible phone screen from Samsung, at least for the first testimonials sent to various testers, and the errors there. Initially it seemed that the official start date would not be affected, but the manufacturer still did not want to avoid what he wanted in the beginning.

For the first time this week we reported that the news agency reports that Samsung has quickly replaced the defective ones (some have had a very short career because testers have removed a film that despite warnings is considered a protective layer) and at the same time it is internal investigation to answer the questions as quickly as possible. At this time, all early bookings are collected, they are also reviewed and investigated to prevent other problems, such as the sticking of small objects between the two parts of the folded panel and the small gap between the hinge and the panel. which can also lead to damage in a short time.

Not long after, the company announced in an official announcement that it would postpone the start date originally scheduled for the end of April, which means that Galaxy Fold will not be released this month. At first, the May date (as the earliest, most optimistic version) that emerged in the external rumors can still be confirmed, but it may well be that it was not conservative enough, that is, it could be a delay of several months. In the meantime, they try to confirm the display or place additional warnings in the package (and on the device) to prohibit the removal of that film layer, while we are notified of the final release date within a few weeks.

If there is more delay, we will write about it and we look forward to the developments.

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