The two key figures in BioWare leave

In addition to studio boss Casey Hudson, the producer of Dragon Age also continues.

An unexpected announcement has been made around the House of Electronic Arts, the publisher says that two veterans of the BioWare development company are leaving at the same time. Of the two, Casey Hudson’s name may be familiar to many, with the studio boss, who has spent nearly 20 years with the company in two runs and different roles, in his parting note that he wanted to make way for the next generation of BioWare executives, saying left the company after much deliberation. His successor has not yet been appointed by EA.

HymnSource: EA / Bioware

The other outgoing producer on the Dragon Age game series has been producer Mark Darrah from the start, he gave no specific reasons for his dismissal. He said he thought the franchise was in good hands and that Blizzard’s Christian Dailey took over.

The briefing from Laura Miele, EA’s studio heads, also suggests that both veterans decided to leave on their own, and that the roughly identical timing of their firings is just a coincidence. Be that as it may, BioWare has been catastrophic for the past half-decade: Mass Effect Andromeda and Anthem have also been massive failures, both of which took shape at the last minute, according to information about their development.

The development company, which had previously garnered success for success, could have been catastrophically misguided at one point, apparently around the departure of co-founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk in late 2012. Not knowing if you’ve managed to do anything with the internal problems of BioWare, so the two key people leave at the same time.

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