There are Hungarian patients over a hundred years old who have recovered from the serious corona virus

At the operational press conference on Friday Kiss Róbertthe deputy head of the service center spoke first. He said police had acted in 235 cases in the past 24 hours for violating the rules for wearing masks and in 186 cases in connection with wearing masks in public areas. In 38 cases no mask was worn in shops. Action had to be taken against 11 people on public transport.

The opening rules were also violated, with the decision to temporarily close a restaurant. At a construction company in Tatabánya, neither the worker nor the owner wore a mask, and the owner told police officers that he had not worn a mask so far and would not. The store was closed for ten days.

On Wednesday, 283 cases had to be dealt with for violating curfews, bringing the total to 6,786. In 18,622 cases, the official home quarantine was inspected, on Tuesday 8,722 new ones were ordered and there are a total of 49,549 shortages.

Dr. Ágnes Galgóczithe head of the division of the National Center for Public Health presented the data published this morning: 135 Hungarians have died in the last 24 hours. The good news is that 52,126 people were healed – said Ágnes Galgóczi. The number of active infections is 141,950. 7,591 patients with coronavirus are hospitalized, 647 of whom are on respiratory equipment. Detailed data on Friday’s coronavirus was reported in our previous article.

He emphasized: Scammers are offering miracle cures for the coronavirus Müller Cecília, Gábor Zacher and András Csókay on behalf of, but such drugs don’t exist, it’s a scam. These should not sit upright.

Only one question was answered by the press. The question was whether those at risk could also recover from the disease. Ágnes Galgóczi said that sometimes an older person with mild symptoms goes through the disease, but there was also a patient over a hundred years who recovered from the disease that caused severe symptoms.

Featured image: Zoltán Balogh / MTI

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