These are the latest news from Grosjean in Krhz

It is still uncertain whether Romain Grosjean, who suffered a big run in Bahrain on Sunday in Bahrain, can start in the last race of Formula 1, but the race is in no hurry.

Romain Grosjean was immediately taken to the crash after the first accident of the Grand Bahinian Bahrain, and later confirmed in the Haas report that nothing had been done to the French crew as he suffered “full-blown” GSI attacks. Our teammate Gnther Steiner spoke to him after the race and said that Grosjean was in a “good mood” and that they were joking, but he could only give detailed information to mslseirl because the photo itself doesn’t know exactly what they look like. Steiner htfn also visited the lbadoz racer in the dungeon, and istll showed up with a better message.

Grosjean to krhzbanForrs: Romain Grosjean Instagram

Romain Grosjean continues to attack in Bahrain Defense Park, where he spent the night following his accident on Sunday. Gnther Steiner, the team leader of the Haas F1 Team, visited the management of the two companies in the middle of his life. Vrhatan will be released on Tuesday December 1. “

– read Haas htfi.

All this means that the day before Sahri Nagyjj Htvgi’s first free coach, Grosjean will be in mg krhz. Steiner said on Sunday that he would make any decision about the return, he would accept it. If the French Green gets a trip from the FIA, he can still get a car on Friday’s free buses, however

if he can’t compete, Haas has to put someone in the chair. Who will that be, arrl Steiner mg declined to comment, but he said there were plans for this case too.

‘My plan is to visit it first, see what it’s like and listen to what the doctors say, and then make a plan from there. Of course we always have a plan B, but my current plan is that if it goes well it will lead to the next race. “

For the time being, Haas’s team leader did not want to comment on a possible replacement for Grosjean.Forrs: Getty Images / 2020 Getty Images / Mark Thompson

Our teammate insisted that he would not pressure Grosjean, “because that’s the decision, he has to do it.” “I don’t know how he will shake himself up because he will just shake himself up, and he will think a little bit better. I don’t know anyone who responds to such a situation. Therefore, I don’t want to speculate who can replace me if necessary. I want to give her time to think and tell us what she wants. “

Haas officially has two holdings with Pietro Fittipaldi and Louis Deletraz, both based in Bahrain, although the latter is also interested in the Formula 2 season. The same is true according to many with Haasnl rider Mick Schumacher-Nikita Mazepin duvé, the former going to the championship, so his appearance does not seem to be the case as the latter only gets the super license at the end of the F2 season.

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