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This is when Japnbl is the driving force of Alfa Romeo Mazda3

The compact Mazda has fully matured, and the design of the fourth generation is more exciting than ever before. Radsul gets his opponents richer than normal. Can we continue to do turbs petrol?

In 2003 Amita got the small-footed 323 for the Mazda3, six million belle out of the box. In every sixth Eurp it is important that the model is high here. Rgtn got the first generci name with beautiful lines and a sporting lead, the second segment could not change much.

The design is always Kodo, but the lord is genercis. The models of Mrs. Mazda are also on this ton. Click on kpre for Galri!Forr: Mazda

However, in 2013 Ford has withdrawn from Mazda developers, the third Mazda3 lord on the Skyactiv Technological Pack. In this case there is an attached rally instead of the Ford-fle multilink, which has become a sketchy form of the Kodo-form language that the VSRLK e vltozs and MPS sports version enjoyed.

In the role j the SUVs are shrouded

The very first big hat was made with rm-dynamics, although it was only 1.6, which I drove in 2004. I did not like the eighth part, but the next one, Skyactiv 3, was better off. Today it is also the form, and I led myself to the leadership, despite the fact that the race has not completely won. But in 2013, he is wasting.

This is the best thing to do with Alft. It is great that the iron SCR catalytic converter also has the Euro 6d-Temp standardForr: Mazda

The Mazda was chased by the CX-3 and the CX-5, while 3 of the chips were pulled out of the car. So, the gyrs also gave this introduction to the fact that the Mazda 3 that was sold in Eurp in the past few years was either Kpps or ordered with the highest installed level. St, this is also the case in Hungary.

There is no bad smell for the senses, everywhere ts ltvny – and now there is already the design, just like the thirdForr: Mazda

Well, the eur jsgrk sera, Lisbon and the fourth generation Mazda 3 mg are less expensive, mg more than the driver and the mg is better equipped, the exact ton that is started goes even further. Of course it becomes more difficult than ever before, The Toyo has now succeeded in making the Corollbl.

The driver in Focus is here already the rla szl

Brlthatan is closed for the deck, on your third floor. "Skyactiv-Vehicle Architecture" is used in large quantities and the structure is much more rigorous than ever before. According to Mazda, this is used to treat the rhythm of the race better, and for sound.

The dashboard is carefully designed, it is custom made, it comes first, to use it.Forr: Mazda

At the heart of the whole design process, the help leads the person to the pool to give him a better grip on the pool, and to give the spine a natural grip, and our head can move freely. you have the fkpedl to make the fker dose more accurate, and you gave the wrong card a little bit to make the switch better – not that it was wrong.

The six-pointed precision is very precise, the infotainment interface looks like the fieldForr: Mazda

St, at the moment the canopy can be 70 mm tinted, instead of the previous 50 mm, and the A-style is designed to improve the kilts. This is in any case a rgivgs developer line to hear that there are millions of people who put so much emphasis on the aspects of the sofrs.

Belp has many assistants and a loser

Of course, the guides were also not neglected, that is, the i-Activsen security package will now be mr akr 15. This is where the 360 ​​camera (which is clearly on the LCD), for pedestrians and crowds or now mr not only hts but also the first cruising traffic for Mazda.

The first generation was the third "Kodo Mazda", but the current opens the imaginary j-puzzleForr: Bolla Gyrgy

Lesi & # 39; s car is the driving force of the driver, and the radar cruise is now the gentleman with the start-stop system in automatic vlts-cars, which certainly will not get in the way. The turntable of the cart is electronic and works with a low-speed print vector, which can be added earlier. s a surprise: the head-up display is shattered in every 3rd.

Both engines must be more than 10 msec for 100 km / h, but the G122 acres can use 6.4 liters and the D116 less than 5.5 liters (16-inch wheels, the lord according to WLTP)Forr: Mazda

You can currently get a KT engine version. The upgraded Skyactiv-G ktliter gasoline 122 lers s immr mild hybrid system, ie The 24-volt generator engine supports the mg finer start-stop machine and lower consumption. If you want a lure, you can get a lithium, with 1.8 liters and 116 liters of Skyactiv-D, with a relatively low 270 Nm of this type (mg petrol is 213 Nm).

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