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Tomorrow every hvs is free for Vods

The service februr 14. s 17th birthday (on Valentine's Day and after) can be used to call any other Vodafone-based, non-resident, subscriber with voice subscription and monthly payer.

Undelete hvs februr 14-17. kztt djmentesen

The economical, laconic sound base is private belfldn hungarian and the european and european, surly djas hungarian smm rcsny. The dj-free hvs is automatically activated, which the service has used for its customers in sms-days.

90 GB dj free for 3 days

Februr also has the following benefits for the Vodafone community. Februr 1. s 28th anniversary of all vouchers of the residential fund with 90 gigabytes of free use of data in the My Vodafone application, which can be used for a number of days. If you create 90 GB on a day when someone is working, you have an active data volume.

This means a virtually unlimited data package, as it normally costs about 90 GB for a period of 3 days to use a mobile phone.

10,500 forint

and that the REDs are not completely skipped, with the Vodafone Red Infinity or Vodafone Red Infinity + 2, at 10,500 forints, which is automatically activated when they breed 1-28. they call online or online.

The discount can be used in one case and you can also use it in case of profitable benefits.

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