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Totalcar – Magazine – The Japanese Renault Kangoo looks like this

Nissan NV250 is probably a temporary solution, because the new Kangoo will be available soon, at least Renault has promised. That is why it is surprising that they have completely devised this car.

Renault announced last year that the Kangoo Nissan logo version is coming and the NV250 will be the name. Well, here it is, as promised, and a perfect example of the development of cars with a license plate replacement: apart from the Nissan logo and the U-shaped chrome strip that framed the frame, only the grille of the Renault differs version, a little bit. The lamps, the lower half of the bumper and everything else are the same with Kangoo & # 39; s solutions.

According to the pictures & # 39; s the NV250 will be available in all three lengths and there is no technical difference. It will be available with 1.5 liters, 80 and 116 hp diesel, also in the type, passenger and cargo modes.

This is not the first Kangoo imitation of Nissan: between 2003 and 2008 they offered the Kubistar model, which was based on the first-generation Renault box. They later tried to replace their former commercial vehicles with the NV200, but it looks like Nissan's tactics are changing again in Europe and that the Japanese brand will again be the same as Renault.

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