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Totalcar – Magazine – The new Škoda family has been unveiled

It turned out that September's RSV study was barely overwhelmed by Škoda: Scala, intended for series production, has the same design, apart from smaller wheels and wearing some silly plastic upholstery. This is a good news for Škoda, but for competition, so within the VW the answer can start to search.

The new Škoda is the majority of the way out of the most popular VW model, the Golf: the length is 4.362 meters, which means ten cents for the Czech model, the wheelbase is 2.649 meters, an extra 1.2 cents and a height of 1,471 meters nearly one and a half cents plus, also for Scala. Golf is wider, but only 6 mm, which is hardly noticeable, with the new Škoda with a width of 1.793 meters, gives a much happier impression than the shoulder-tight predecessor, the Rapid Spaceback. One of the tangible benefits of a larger size is that the Scala offers 467 liters of cargo space, in contrast to the Golff, which has 380 liters of space in the tail.

In addition, Škoda is likely to be cheaper on Golf, thanks to the fact that it is based on the MQB A0 platform designed for smaller cars. It is not yet known whether something will be felt about the behavior of the car or the material quality of the interior, but the fact that Škoda Golf offers for a useful, but more beautiful, more spacious and cheaper car, the more price-sensitive buyers will be clear throughout Europe.

Of course, the engine range consists of familiar parts. Two of the three petrol engines are a variant of a three-cylinder cylinder, the weaker 95 and the more powerful 115 hp. In the top version of petrol, the 1.5 liter TSI engine is powered by 150 hp. In addition, there will be a diesel variant with a 1.6-liter 115 hp four-cylinder and a CNG, G-Tec fancy, 90 hp three-cylinder engine will also be available. Depending on the design, the Scala will be available with a manual five or six-speed gearbox or a seven-speed automatic clutch automatic transmission.

In standard technical solutions it is probably a bit more interesting for customers that the interior of the Scala should have a soft surface. The more well-equipped versions include an on-board touch system, a full LCD dashboard, an open central lock and a permanent internet connection. Naturally, the safety electronics package contains everything that is expected today, including automatic emergency brakes, adaptive cruise control and parking assistance.

Although the Czechs considered the presentation of Scala as this year, the production and distribution are already over: in the first half of 2019 the latest in Škoda Europe is on the rise.

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