Unfortunately, one of The Mandalorian’s season 2 dollars has already been removed

The Season 2 final episode of The Mandalorian blew up the internet for a number of reasons we wouldn’t talk about in this article, we’ve got our spoiler writings there. Suffice it to say that it surpassed the more conventional anecdotal part 4, which will say it will still remain in the collective memory of the fans, if only because of one of the cuts that saw a man in watch jeans on the background is Achter Cara Dune and Mythrol. The setting immediately became a laughing stock, but according to a report, Disney did not tolerate this and removed a poor uninvited employee with a digital post-production.

Written by The Star Wars Underworld On Twitterthat “Jeans Guy” (about “the farmer”) was taken from The Mandalorian S02E04. The photo, which is unfortunately not of very good quality and dark, although we polished it slightly, shows that our original is still there, but in the new version is no longer lurking behind the Mamán. Of course, the internet doesn’t forget, so this buck will stay with us anyway!

Season 2 of The Mandalorian continues next Friday with Episode 6, which we are again looking forward to a lot, although we also need to be prepared for Jon Favreau to give the humans and Baby Yoda a little rest! You can read the spoiler criticism of the latest episode, The Jedi, here.

Volt – not “the farmer” (Source: Twitter)

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