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Will the development of The Last Of Us Part II near the end?

We just heard that one Bad Dog the recorded The last of our part II the movements of his last scene with motion capture technology – since then it seems that things are going well if we can believe what the co-director of the game is saying!

Anthony Newman wrote a twitter: "Many fantastic positions are free [a Naughty Dogon belül]to help you close the game. I would like to emphasize the position of melee animator – I guarantee you will work some * serious * animations with my friend Lee Davis. "(Who is also an animator twitter According to bioja.)

There are quite a few messages mentioned above from the programmers via the path planners to the script manager for the user interface – there is a possibility to log in, but it is not entirely correct here. But returning to this final sentence – this does not mean that the game can be completed in weeks or months. No, no Naughty Dogos would look for programmers. This means that the final phase of development can begin in June, and although Newman has not given a letter The last of our part IIremember that the team is working on this. Let's put it on it Neil Druckmann, Bad Dog vice-president (who also plays a key role in the development of The Last of Our Part II) in mid-April twitterthey were "about the most ambitious film scene" and "tears fell" in digitizing motion capture. It was of course almost a month.

the The last of our part II has no official release date and time (but we have heard and written about it before), so the PlayStation 4Exclusive cannot be circled in our calendar unless Sony tells in June that Ellie and Joel will continue their story. Because the Japanese company is not coming out on the E3, a State of Play broadcast can take place instead.

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