$ 600 million are supported by the government during Klhon's festivities

The Hungarian team from Klhons has a budget of 600 billion forint in the Hungarian budget, "said the Hungarian Minister for National Politics in Budapest at a meeting of the High Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Potpi rpd Jnos stressed that the plyzat in the spring was the national policy secretaryHUF 500 million in the RtK, but since there were 760 plyats with more than four million forints,The Togolese farmer has grown to 600 million forint.

Potpi rpd Jnos, the Minister of Defense of the National Liberal Party.Forrs: MTI / Illys Tibor

The Llamttitres emphasized that the plyzat clja was the financial substance of the Hungarian clhoni

  • jobs created by business,
  • to develop,
  • there are lawyers,
  • or Cloni, young Plyakezdk practitioners.

She also said that she might be tmogats & # 39; in agriculture, and in the case of non-farmers HUF 3-6 billion.

You have, among other things, the possibility to spend stock costs, work experience and work-related costs, service costs and material costs for professional performance.

He insisted on national politics that he had won 118 victories, which came from the top 60, Erdlybl, 25 from Felvidkr, 20 from Vajdasg and 13 from Krptalj.

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