62 broke the revolution of 1956 and the free war

In addition to the Military Respect, Tibor Benk, the Minister of Declaration, is hereby presented to the Hungarian National Flag for the revolution and freemasonry movement of 1956 62nd, on the morning of the morning in Budapest, the Kossuth Lajos train. The grace expressed in the lobby & # 39; s remains at the national coup at the break of day.

In one of the churches above the flames of the Parliament, a Hungarian song bore a black blow. Three of Kossuth's concerts were honored by Honvd Dzsal, the National Equestrian Unit and the Budapest Regiment Orchestra.

The grace is marked by the lurking on every dayForrs: MTI / Kovcs Tams

The most important locations take place in the Rokkeresztri jazz in a national park, then there is a cosmopolitan in Kisfoghz and Fnay Jen (1956), the founder of the political prisoners (Pofos), is discovered.

Dlutn a fvros XVIII. the Hargita train will be remembered in 1956.

In the evening a sample concert is performed in the St. Stephen's Basilica. The basilic fnyfests also evoke the Marlik memories. From Terror Hza Mzeumnl, from Hsk, you can celebrate the day with candle rituals for the show.

The jerk of the Rccircision at the package level 301 holds a protocolless hearing every other day.

November 4, when the events of the events of 1956 are recalled, the government officially announced a national gypsy in 2013.

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