A bus driver in Miskolc called a relative because their 5-year-old daughter drank a sip of mineral water on the bus

The Index stated that in Miskolc on Sunday 20 minutes a timetable Auchan-Avasi flight was scheduled for 20 minutes, because the driver wanted to transport a family after their 5-year-old daughter drank a sip of mineral water from a recyclable PET bottle.

All this happened during the chaos. The conflict is also recorded on video:

According to the video maker, the bus driver stopped the engine of the starter bus and called the police, and only started when the police arrived and the family came down. Several people have come to their defense, a passenger even noticed that specifically written that drinking water in the bus could drink. In addition, the then director of plant and service mentioned in an interview in 2015 that he could drink from a resealable PET bottle on the flights from Miskolc City Transport. In Miskolc's public transport, however, the regulations are quite strict, they are even fined for small things. (Index)


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